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False Allegations

 False allegations can occur for a variety of different types of crimes. Someone might accuse you of assault or battery when you actually did nothing at all, or might accuse you of stealing something when that simply is not true. However, one of the most common types of false accusation is false accusations of a sex crime. False allegations of a sex crime may be prompted by morning-after regret, anger, jealousy or simple false memories of abuse that never occurred.

Whenever you are falsely accused of a crime, the consequences can be devastating. You will be at risk of going to jail and of having your name and reputation sullied simply because someone else made a false accusation against you. Defending yourself against these false allegations is of paramount importance, and the experience West Palm Beach false allegations defense attorneys at Musca Law can help.

Fighting False Accusations in West Palm Beach

There are a number of different ways to fight false allegations or accusations made against you. The right option will depend upon the circumstances and the type of allegation. Some possible responses to false allegations include:

  • Undertaking a voluntary polygraph or counseling session.

If the evidence against you is relatively weak and if you take a polygraph or meet with a psychiatrist or psychologist, then the prosecutor may be willing to drop the charges before things get very far (or may be persuaded to never bring charges at all).

  • Investigating the person who is making the accusations.

You may be able to uncover the reasons why the person is making dishonest accusations. Providing information to the prosecutor that reveals information on the motives of your accused may be sufficient to get the charges dropped or to convince the prosecutor not to bring charges at all.

Alternatively, if your case gets to court, casting doubt on the motivations of the accuser could introduce reasonable doubt in the minds of the jury or court. Since a case must be proved beyond a reasonable doubt, this would mean you would be found innocent of the charges.

  • Providing an alibi or other proof you couldn’t have committed the crime.

The more credible your alibi is, the better the chances that the prosecutor won’t bring charges or will drop charges. Having an alibi testify in court that you were elsewhere at the time of the crime can be another way to introduce reasonable doubt and make it difficult or impossible for the prosecutor to meet the required burden of proof.

These and other defenses may all help you to avoid the serious consequences of being charged or convicted of a crime based on false accusations. Musca Law has helped countless clients throughout Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Wellington, Jupiter or other areas in Palm Beach and West Palm Beach to respond effectively and quickly to false allegations and to save their reputation and freedom.

The false allegations lawyers in West Palm Beach at Musca Law help safeguard the legal rights of clients facing false allegations for any misdemeanor or felony offense, including the following:

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