3rd Time DUI Offender found NOT GUILTY BY JURY Attorney Wins 3 DUI Cases Against Same Prosecutor in One Month Realtor Blows .193 on 3rd DUI Arrest Involving Crash; CHARGES DROPPED Driver Blows .291 (Almost 4X The Legal Limit); License Reinstated

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Florida Bar Association National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers National College For DUI Defense Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers Florida Chamber of Commerce American Bar Association National Trial Lawyers Association

West Palm Beach Criminal Defense Lawyers

Musca Law is prepared to assist anyone who needs help handling criminal charges in West Palm Beach. With more than a century of combined experience, the West Palm Beach criminal defense attorneys at Musca Law are considered among the finest West Palm Beach criminal defense lawyers practicing criminal law in Florida.

“Musca law is a law firm comprised of multiple West Palm Beach criminal attorneys with over 100 combined years of legal experience.” said John Musca, the firm’s founding West Palm Beach criminal defense attorney. “Our job is to protect your rights inside and outside the courtroom, from the very moment we receive a phone call, all the way through to the resolution of your case.”

The firm has built its reputation through a stellar case record, an aggressive attitude, and a teamwork-oriented approach to cases. Musca has helped hundreds of different clients dealing with almost every type of criminal charge. If you have been charged with a crime in West Palm Beach, hiring a West Palm Beach criminal defense attorney is the best thing you can do for yourself.


Criminal Law Areas of Expertise

Musca Law has experienced West Palm Beach criminal lawyers ready to deal with any type of criminal charge. A more detailed description of the Musca Law specialties has been provided below. For the best information about what Musca Law can offer you, call for a consultation. You’ll be able to speak to a West Palm Beach criminal defense lawyer about the options that work the best for you.

Violent Crimes

Creating a quality defense for violent crimes requires a particularly talented West Palm Beach criminal defense lawyer. Violent crimes may involve murder, assault, domestic violence, hate crimes, or weapon violations. Inexperienced lawyers should not be considered on these types of cases, because the penalties that come with a conviction can be very harsh.

The West Palm Beach criminal lawyers at Musca Law know how to handle charges for violent crimes. They understand how to make witnesses work to your advantage. Your West Palm Beach criminal defense lawyer may also be able to convince the jury to sympathize with your passions. Musca Lawyers will know what steps to take with your case when you contact them with your details.

Sex Crimes

Like violent crimes, sex crimes are an area where it is very difficult for a West Palm Beach criminal lawyer to build sympathy for you. Because sex crimes such as date rape, sexual assault, and possession of child pornography are considered so heinous, you should never consider allowing an inexperienced West Palm Beach criminal defense lawyer to defend you. You may even find it difficult to find a criminal lawyer in West Palm Beach willing to represent you, even if you are innocent of the charges.

Musca Law has an excellent track record dealing with sex crimes. They will treat you with the dignity that is owed every human being whether you are guilty or not. If you have already been charged with a sex crime in West Palm, you need to contact Musca as soon as possible.

White Collar Crimes

White collar crimes include extortion, money laundering, bad check offenses, and many different types of fraud. If you want to be properly defended, you need a West Palm Beach criminal attorney who has a strong understanding of business as well as law. Lawyers with this type of expertise can be found at Musca Law. Musca has helped many different clients accused of white collar crimes. Contact them immediately if you need help with a white collar crime.

Federal Crimes

Federal crimes include Mail Fraud, Counterfeiting, Federal trafficking and even treason. All federal crimes are extremely serious. If you have been charged with a federal crime, you will likely be facing prosecutors who have evidence bolstered by investigations conducted by federal agencies.

Many West Palm Beach criminal lawyers would be intimidated by the idea of defending a client from federal charges. However, the criminal defense lawyers in West Palm Beach at Musca have handled cases like this before, and they will not be intimidated by even the strongest case against you.

Juvenile Crimes

There are many types of juvenile crimes. Some of these are theft, vandalism, and underage drinking. While juvenile crimes typically receive more lenient sentences than adult ones, this does not mean that these cases should be taken lightly. If you allow your child to be found guilty, it could damage their chances to find work or get into a good college.

The West Palm Beach criminal defense lawyers at Musca know that kids can make mistakes, and they will do their best to insure that those mistakes do not follow the child for the rest of their life. In addition to aggressively defending the accused with the intention of beating the charges, your West Palm Beach criminal defense attorney may try other tactics.

It may be possible to have the record of the charge expunged as part of the trial, or even immediately after it ends—safely clearing your child’s record. If you have a child facing a juvenile crime charge, or you are interested in getting a prior charge expunged, call Musca Law and set up a consultation.

Theft Crimes

There are many different kinds of theft crimes including robbery, burglary, larceny, home invasion, and carjacking. While many theft crimes do not involve significant losses to the person who has been victimized, the sentences for theft crimes are still incredibly harsh. Fines and prison sentences are common.

If you are found guilty of theft, it can make it very difficult to find work. This is why it is important that you have a West Palm Beach criminal lawyer who understands all parts of the case, and considers what will happen to you after it is over. The West Palm Beach criminal attorneys at Musca Law will fight for the best possible results. They have successfully defeated many theft charges in the past, and they may be able to help you as well.

Drug Crimes

Drug crimes come in many different varieties. Some carry only light sentences, while others have the potential to put you in prison for decades to come. The West Palm Beach criminal lawyers at Musca understand that with drug crimes, the accused may very well be the victim. Pressure, depression, and addiction can all lead to drug charges, but they do not make the user a dangerous criminal.

In defending clients from drug charges, Musca Law uses many different strategies. Your West Palm Beach criminal defense lawyer may be able to beat the charges outright, or find some way to plea down to lower charges that will have more lenient sentences.

Alcohol Crimes

Many people have already learned that it is easy to get into trouble with alcohol. There are many types of crimes you can commit while your judgment and inhibitions have been impaired. Public disorderly intoxication, sale to a minor, and DUI/DWIs are some examples of common alcohol crimes.

While some alcohol crimes are minor, they can be very dangerous if they appear on your record. You don’t want to risk your reputation to your employer or the community, so you should fight back even against the smallest charges.

For DUI’s, you want the best representation you can get, and you can get it at Musca Law. The West Palm Beach DUI attorneys at Musca Law are considered some of the best in the state. DUI law is a specialty of the West Palm Beach criminal defense attorneys at Musca, and their record in dealing with DUI cases is respected throughout Florida. When you’re facing a DUI charge, you want a Musca West Palm Beach criminal attorney at your side.

Traffic Offenses

Traffic Offenses are defined by something as light as a moving violation, to something as serious as Vehicular Manslaughter. Even when you are dealing with the lighter offenses, you want an excellent West Palm Beach criminal defenselawyer on your side. Being found guilty of even misdemeanor traffic offenses can result in points on your license. Collect too many of these points, and you may find yourself without a license at all.

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